The platform

Under the hood of Cointel runs of a group of (dockerized) services working together to gather, combine and optimize data for the end user. This setup is highly scalable and can run in our highly secure, multi-tenant hosted environment, or can be installed locally for cases requiring the utmost security and privacy.

Cryptocurrency transactions are processes near realtime, and clustered using state-of-the-art techniques. Enriched with attributes, exchange rates, classification scores and much more, this data is exposed via the API and front-end to be used for investigations. Cointel empowers investigators to visually explore the blockchain in locations they find of interest, and supports easy documentation and collaboration. This is key to achieve maximum results in an efficient manner.

Powerful insights, without the technical challenges.

Powerful insights, without the technical challenges.


Using state of the art Machine Learning we enrich the data in the blockchain forming clusters of addresses belonging to the same, real world entity.

Supporting all functions via a well documented RestFULL API means our customers can integrate Cointel into their systems with ease.

For those cases where you need 100% assurance that no data leaves your environment, Cointel has a unique architecture supporting a one-way datastream towards your on-premise environment, while making it technologically impossible for data to leave.

Easy to understand graphs and tables enable investigators to interpret the data fast, with little effort. And by using the export functionalities reports can be created on the spot to store and share the investigation results.

Cointel supports an exhaustive, ever growing list of crypto currencies. Please get in touch to receive the latest overview.

Based on trained machine learning models addresses are classified into different risk categories, This helps spending investigation efforts as effectively as possible.


From the very beginning we have focussed on end-user experience, enabling the user to truly unleash the power of data and technology.

With technology assisting in automating the low level tasks, you can apply your skillset to the high level analysis.

Time is of the essence, especially during investigations. Get alerts when actions from your side are needed and share next steps with your team.

Make sure your team and you are constantly on the same page for fast and efficient collaboration.

Expand your current investigation tool set, and exchange information between systems with ease.

We provide all our customers with powerful insights,
without difficult technical challenges.

We provide all our customers with powerful insights,
without difficult technical challenges.

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