Law Enforcement Agencies

With cybercrime on the rise, law enforcement agents are incrasingly confronted with cases involving cryptocurrencies, such as extortion emails with bitcoin addresses or offerings of illicit goods on darkweb markets paid in ZCash.

Cointel is the tool supporting you in the crypto currency domain, with well documented examples and steps to follow. Furthermore it provides powerful features to advance your investigation and disclose the identities of perpetrators.

Financial services

Strict compliance regulation and advanced tooling to combat money laundry and theft are already common in the regular financial markets. But when cryptocurrency are involved many organisations are struggling to understand what is possible and what is required. Do you need to inform the authorities of suspicious transactions to cryptocurrency exchanges, and if so, how do you know if a transaction is suspicious?

Cointel can help you take the needed steps in this domain by providing a risk score based on the crypto currency address provided by the exchange. Serve your legitimate customers better by having the riskier onces identified with ease.


With the rise of cryptocurrencies the task of collecting taxes on financial assets has become a lot more complex. Who owns what, and under what jurisdiction?

Cointel can support your investigations and reduce the time spent on getting actionable insights.

The go-to tool for crypto investigation, since 2012.

The go-to tool for crypto investigation, since 2012.

Use cases

Criminal investigations

Use Cointel to find a suspect when fentanyl is sold illegally online

Ransomware investigations

Use Cointel when a randsomware attack is making victims pay to criminals

Anti-money laundering

Use Cointel to follow the money and find the entry and exit points for tainted transactions

Financial investigations

Use Cointel if financial assets are not disclosed during a divorce.

Tax evasion

Use Cointel to verify if all taxable income is disclosed

Compliance monitoring

Use Cointel to comply with AML and KYC regulations

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