Powerful insights, without the technical challenges.

Powerful insights, without the technical challenges.

Practical cryptocurrency analysis

Cointel is an advanced yet easy-to-use tool to investigate cryptocurrency transactions of blockchains such as BTC, ETC, Zcash and many others.

Our unique architecture lets you query in your local environment. Fast and without our knowledge, this setup complies with the highest standards of data security and privacy.

Already since 2012 our mission is to supply you with the insights you need, whilst keeping implementation and operation as simple as possible. So you can focus on the case.

Cointel is the go-to tool for any crypto-transaction investigation:





tax evasion

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Clustering and attribution

Cointel’s advanced clustering methods connect the dots, providing maximum insighs. The combination of trained Machine Learning models for pattern detection, and information from clear- and darkweb, results in rich, ready-to-use intelligence.

Actionable insights

Information only has value when correct, understandable and timely. Cointel provides the possibility to set alerts on the use of an address and clear instructions on what to do next.

Multi-user collaboration

Context is everything when working together on an investigation. Therefore we have placed case management at the heart of our solutions, so your team and you are always on the same page.

API and on-premise use

Integrating Cointel into your own systems is no problem; we have an API first approach, enabling all features via API in a well documented Swagger. This way you can query in your local environment, with full functionality and complete privacy.

Explore and report

We believe software should assist you as a trained professional, not take over an investigation. Our state-of-the-art Explorer facilitates investigators by visualising the blockchain graph locally and expanding in the direction the agent identifies as most interesting.

Automated Risk Score

Our team is currently expanding the (beta) capabilities to classify addresses with regards to their risk-profile. Based on factors like interactions with known mixing services or radical transaction patterns, these classifications can help in spending your investigators’ efforts most effectively.

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Cointel is a partner of the TITANIUM project supported by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 740558.

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